Review Of Best Coc Army Ideas

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Review Of Best Coc Army Ideas. Best clash of clans army. It is one of the more commonly used attacks, and it is used because it is elixir efficient and trains relatively fast, and can swarm weaker bases if used correctly.

Review Of Best Coc Army Ideas
14 MINER+ 13 HOGS= Th13 Best HYBRID Army TH13 Best War Strategy 79 from

It’s designed to cause enemy troops to stay outside of the walls while the xbows attack them. This army is a good choice if you want to learn funneling. 12+ best th8 defense base 2022 (new!) bh9 bh8 bh7 bh6 bh5 bh4 bh3 th13 th12 th11 th10 th9 th8 th7 th6 th5 th4 th3.

If You’re Looking To Defend Against Higher Level Opponents In Clan War, This Base Is Your Best Bet.

It’s designed to cause enemy troops to stay outside of the walls while the xbows attack them. The tactic for this army is called hghb, which stands for healers, giants, hog riders, and bowlers. You can mix it up with goblins for farming purposes or mix in a few giants for a power army.

12+ Best Th8 Defense Base 2022 (New!) Bh9 Bh8 Bh7 Bh6 Bh5 Bh4 Bh3 Th13 Th12 Th11 Th10 Th9 Th8 Th7 Th6 Th5 Th4 Th3.

An army consisting of nothing but barbarians tends to be the best trophy farming option. Clash of clans best army compositions guide. Now send in wall breakers to let your troops in the walls.

Th9 War Base #005 Link.

I am assuming that you have 220. Easily the best clash of clans character is the pekka. From these 40 archers, around 30 of them will be used for the cc troops.

10 Level Cannon, Corresponding To Th 8, 52 Damage Per Attack, Sec 7 Mm.

This army you get to use at th9 and you can use it even at th10 or th11. The primary goal is to take out the air defenses with lightning spells and heroes/balloons and let the dragons wipe out a basically defenseless base. To execute this attack, place your golems in the same manner as gowipe, and then spread your wizards.

” Barch ” Stands For (B)Arbarians And (Arch)Ers.

Army 4 giwipe best town hall 8 army. It uses a hell of a lot of dark elixirs so don’t use it if you are low on d.e. 55 rows dragloon (dragstorm) also one of the oldest attacking strategies in clash of clans that still has a solid place in the meta, especially for lower town halls.