Cool Best Weapon Type For Condition Overload References

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Cool Best Weapon Type For Condition Overload References. Total damage = modded damage × 1.6n (with n being the number of status procs. The bonus damage gained by this mod is multiplicative to your melee damage.

Cool Best Weapon Type For Condition Overload References
Melee 3.0 Will you finally stop the evil power that is Condition from

Damage multiplier is × 1.6^n. I do suspect that the wiki’s statements about condition overload could be outdated or just wrong. The lesion, glaive prime, endura, gazal machete and the tonbo.

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All are status weapons with all three physical damage types. Try telos boltace ( radiation, heat, or gas elemental) status build with maxed range + saryn spores and toxic lash or even use miasma for more status effect. Only some zaws were tested;

Total Damage = Modded Damage × 1.6N (With N Being The Number Of Status Procs.

Each rank adds 10 more effect to a maximum of 60 at rank 5. Their weapon only applies the one condition (poison for instance), the bowgun i use can trigger multiple based on types of ammo that i carry. Normal or steel path), pair it with corrosive/viral/heat primer weapon like phage or catabolyst.

Condition Overload Tips Worth Knowing.

12 platinum | trading volume: I absolutley love it sooo much haha! All melee weapons tested against armored and unarmored targets using conditionoverload / bloodrush / maimingstrike.

This List Is Ultimately My Opinion (Backed Up With Some Of The Best Features Of Each) Because Whatever Your Weapon Of Choice Is Will Be Great With Practice.

The tests for this tier list were done in simulacrum against level 155 enemies using no auras, companions, arcanes, rivens or abilities to increase damage. Well to be honest, any weapon with around 30% status chance. However, this also means that you both can benefit at the same time on a single foe after you use the range weapon to stack procs.

It’s Best To Use Melee Weapons With A High Attack Speed And High Base Status Chance As Well As Physical Damage Types Such As Glaive Prime Or Lesion To Get The Highest Distinct Status Procs Amount.

Oh, i don't use the artax. Co also pairs well with an artax built for status and a frame that can proc like saryn or oberon. Any weapon would be a great choice for you to utilize.