Review Of Dc Universe Online Tank Weapons Ideas

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Review Of Dc Universe Online Tank Weapons Ideas. Here is a list of your starting weapon options: Dc universe online wiki is a fandom games community.

Review Of Dc Universe Online Tank Weapons Ideas
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Ice is a more direct hold and very healer safe, pop a power and bam 90% increase in your defense and the healers get bored :p. Select brawling, dual wield, hand blaster or staff for dominance. Dc universe online wiki is.

If You Are A Healer (Nature/Sorcery):

Depends on player's actual skill. For a tank, he is going to want a weapon that offers stat boosts to health and defense. Look at any tank that knows what he is doing and he will be using a staff.

I Use 1H As A Weapon On My Ice Tank.

Tank gear and skillpoints equal to your cr are a good start. Earth can be a good tank, as can fire but both. Doesn't depend on skill, there is no skill in dc just knowledge.

Ice, Earth And Fire Are All Tanks And Are Very Good Regardless Of The Power, The Most Important Part Is Who's Tanking And Knowing Their Powers Is The Diference.

Just choose whatever weapon you like the most. As for which is better between fire and earth i have to say they are about the same but i would give the edge to fire, but the best tank power still belongs to ice. Earth is good fun, 3 powers will reduce all damage by 50%.

The Power Of Flame Allows You To Shoot Gust Of Fire Creating Massive Damage To Those Nearby.

Dc universe online wiki is a fandom games community. 250+ sp is good (general rule of thumb is sp should be equal or bigger than cr), but it's possible to tank or perform any other role with fewer skill points. These will mostly be older artifacts that we approached more conservatively when the system was new and scary.

First, We Will Adjust Up The Less Powerful Artifacts.

Also utilize fire to protect yourself and allies on the battlefield. Select dual wield, dual pistol, or martial arts for restoration. There are a total of 15 abilities to select from, but each one will basically give you with the tools you need to play one of the three main roles found in all mmos.