Incredible Ogre Tactics Best Weapon Type References

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Incredible Ogre Tactics Best Weapon Type References. A new entry in square enix 's tactics ogre series has been leaked ahead of an official announcement. I don't find daggers to be particularly good.

Incredible Ogre Tactics Best Weapon Type References
Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together (Premium Edition) (2011) PSP box from

We all know that there's a pretty strong argument being made for daggers being the best weapon, but that doesn't make them everyone's favorite. And ozma can use daggers, double attack, and mighty impact all together. These weapons are better than i used to give them credit for, tbh.

This Means That An Ogre Will Prefer To Fight In Dim Light Or Darkness.

A weapon type with the ability to potentially hit 2 enemies at once, these have the longest range of the melee weapons (up to 3 spaces). 1h katanas are also great, but a bit heavier. Then, if you want, switch to the strongest 1h katana obtained from potd but is lightning element.

120 Attack Cursed Dagger With Crushing Modifier.

Never tried using urchin bola's or the chakram ranged weapons for my ninja's so i can't say anything about them. Decent single hit damage, hot garbage finishers, kinda just meh. If an ogre encounter happens at night, it’s because the ogre found the pcs.

Passable Early On, But Their Elemental Options Later Pack A Punch.

It should be noted that while any class can use any weapon they also have a favored weapon type, that unfortunately the game doesn't offer any clue on which type matches which class. These weapons are better than i used to give them credit for, tbh. Let us cling together (psp), replacing the snapshot spell from the snes/ps version.

Daggers Are The Most Overpowered Melee Weapons, Since They Have Huge Damage, And Are So Light To Carry Around.

Swords are favored by knights,. A lot of people like a lot of different things, so they help spice it up. Not as varied or powerful as swords, but lighter and can be used with shields.

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What do you guys think is the best type of weapon for a ninja. Daggers do more damage than any other weapon on high dex characters, and ozma starts with a very high base dex. Great atk for getting past defenses, can be used on knights and zerkers, decent punchy finishers.