+21 Rf Online Type B Weapon Crafting 2022

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+21 Rf Online Type B Weapon Crafting 2022. With accordance to ccr official files you may use any excelsiar. + 20 silver catalysts + 10 gold catalysts.

+21 Rf Online Type B Weapon Crafting 2022
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Type c = 30 excel pcs. Item crafting becomes automatically available after expanding the house, a working table, forge and anvil will appear on the left side of your home. 67/70 normal armor | shield + talic crystal at hero = intense.

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You can make elite force reaver with force reaver. Crafting recipes have to be bought first from the kardia library, and then gradually practiced as raguna. Type a weapon (purple) + intense (yellow) weapon + excelsior = type c (orange) weapon.

Level 45 Weapons Need 1 Grade C Excelsior.

A mixture of science fiction and classic fantasy, rf online is set in a distant planet in the novus system where magic exists alongside high technology. How to extract abilities (pims) •this allows you to extract abilities (pims) from type a (purple) weapons and shields. List all of weapons on rf online.

Combination Craft Example 99Pcs Play Card 99Pcs Site Card 99Pcs Rf

Excelsiors are booties that lets you make type c (orange) weapons and elite force reavers. Image item name weapon level min ~ max atk min ~ max atk force special effects. The weapon can’t be traded except by blueprints and only combined weapons can be traded and with a fee of 1 million.

These Allow Raguna To Craft Weapons, Shields, Accessories And Medicines On His Own.

List of all guide of rf online. Email thisblogthis!share to twittershare to. Only bellato and cora have the specialist class.

Force Gelap Force Suci Force Api Force Air Force Tanah Force Angin Cara Kombinasi Senjata Rf.

Type a weapon (parpol) + type b weapon of the same kind (intense) + excelsior = type c weapon (orange).you can buy rf online. Rf classic pvp 50server infolvl 50 capexp x99999animus exp x99999drop x10mining x10pt/skill & force gmpvp shared tempdaily reward based on time playing ingam. Crafting 60+ discussion in 'guides' started by cm_eva, aug 24, 2018.