Incredible Th10 Trophy Pushing Army Ideas

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Incredible Th10 Trophy Pushing Army Ideas. This farming base will help you protect your resources quite well. I am currently in masters 2 and really wanna get to legends league.

Incredible Th10 Trophy Pushing Army Ideas
BEST ARMY for Trophy Pushing at Town Hall 10! Clash of Clans Trophy from

However, i don't know which army works best for trophy pushing w/o siege machine (i. How 2 th10 players pushed to legends league! Trophy pushing is one of the basic parts of the game, climbing the ladder, showing off how far you can get 🙂 ok, i admit trophy pushing is sometimes frustrating and the higher end of the ladder is not always a sunny place, but i will show you in this guide here what it takes to push trophies, why you should push trophies (at least from time to time) and what attacking.

The First Base Design In The List Of Best Th10 Trophy Base Design Is An Troll Base.

It is not complicated and provides an easy and minimal interface yet gives you advanced stats that. I'm using 24 loons/60 minions and sometime 2lava hounds,20 loons and 40 minions. Best th10 army for trophy pushing 0 views discover short videos related to best th10 army for trophy pushing on tiktok.

Our Clan, Alphaperpetua, Is In The Top 40 Worldwide For Win Streak.

After the hybrid base last week, here we have a full trophy base again that has 100% focus on protecting your trophies as th10 and you can run it in champions league, even titan league without problems. Not only is the dark elixir storage in the very. (swipe for full story) 1 / 5.

Clashtrack Is A Unique Clan Management Site That Provides Many Tools For A Variety Of Clan Styles.

( i kinda wanna save my bowlers so i have 2 heals, you can always drop it and take something else) my heroes : If you don't have access to either of those, it's a guaranteed 1 star. All the storage’s are kept in front of the strong defensive buildings and other side it is protected by many cross section of walls.

Include Them In Your Army And You Will Be Surprised By The Result You Get.

I hope you got some ideas, and it helps you to win the game of coc clash of clans. 2 days ago, phishers gained access to the leader account, kicked everyone out, and left themselves in charge. Th10 updated zap drag attack strategy.

This Is By Far The Costliest Army Of Th7 That Is Successful In Trophy Pushing.

Th9, th10 and th11 trophy push guide that you need to remember. Our 155 win streak clan was phished by cheaters. Th10 pekka bobat attack strategy.